We are all saddened by the loss of our master healer Seattle… but Seattle wants everyone to know he is happy. Last night in my dreams I saw him, he was standing tall, strong and happy just full of pure white light, next to him was his brother Luke. They looked back with a soft nod and nicker and then they went off running, it sounded like thunder, so strong!

We remember the special moments Seattle brought to everyone, his healing love and we keep moving it forward, we keep sharing it and his stories.


What does an Educational Farm look like?

It all starts from the ground up… Yes literally from cultivating the earth underneath our feet…

Learning how to plant flowers for our bee and butterfly communities into magical healing, sustainable, useable, eatable hope, like flowers, honey and veggies…

Find out more about our Sunflower Farms – Where Learning is Cultivated
located in the heart of Norfolk County in Southwestern Ontario.


Our Field Healers

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Horses & Human
Limbic Loop Connection

The Limbic System, located right under the cerebrum, is responsible for the feeling of emotions, behaviour, motivation, and long-term memory. It is remarkably similar to that found in horses.

“Both horses and humans have limbic systems that are remarkably similar, and both are highly social and need contact with others for their own neural regulation.”

Because of these similarities within the limbic system, working with horses from a therapeutic standpoint allows the horses to relate to the limbic system in humans. Since the horse does not have a largely developed neocortex (analytical brain), it enables them to come from a nonjudgmental place reflecting others behaviors. They respond to what is happening in the moment – based on comfort and safety. The natural state of rest within the horse species combined with being nonjudgmental can create a healing space of calm and trust. This allows limbic revision to take place – a way for a person to safely create new neurological pathways of how to respond to certain emotional patterns.


Our Farm Animal Healers

Our Moo-Moo’s

Luk getting his hooves trimmed what an amazing experience 🌻


Miss Lily needing some tenderness while getting her hooves trimmed even little Luna came over to help me lay calming hands on her forehead 🌻

Hanging out with Kim and the horses at Sonflower Stables. Talking about the benefits of sage.

Posted by Dave Scott on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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Sunflower Farms provides an equine connection for those seeking personal understanding

“Magical” is a word that comes up several times when trying to describe how it feels to participate in equine-assisted learning.


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