Relieving Pain Through Horses

Equine Supported Environment (ESE) and Resolution Therapies (RT) are customized to meet each individual’s needs. It is especially useful in the grieving process and is unique to each individual. It is the natural human reaction to a loss which can occur in many different forms.

Assisting mental health care practitioners. ESE is a revelatory process that compliments all community service workers and medical professionals with an individualistic alternative tool that assists with clients’  fears and behavioural reactions at an accelerated pace.

People who are overcome with grief may offer comments like “time heals all wounds” or “be strong” or “get over it”.  Repeatedly hearing these expressions, leaves the griever thinking they should adhere to them.  For instance, “be strong” means never to cry or talk about the pain.  Unresolved grief creates a blockage within the healing and inhibits our ability to fully experience freedom from pain.