SonFlower Stables – A Community of Healing

Mary is the Founder and Director of the successful not-for-profit business SonFlower Stables-Horses  Healing Human Needs, Ltd.; located in Delhi, Ontario. This is an Equine Supported Environment (ESE) in which horses are instrumental in the healing of human needs. Her success is focused on her ability to intuitively connect with the horses, and empathically connect with each participant of the various programs in an effort to heal mental and psychological trauma.

  1. How are horses vital in helping with grieving, depression, anxiety, PTSD?
  2. Horses respond intuitively with a mirror-like reflection of human behaviour. This offers an experience which awakens the natural ability of the participant to tap into a deeper understanding of themselves.

What provoked Mary to start this initiative?
Mary’s passion to share the gift of intuitiveness with others and her connection with nature and all facets of life have inspired her to help others believe in themselves, and reconstruct their lives by building healthy and constructive ways of living.

To sum, Mary aims to plant seeds of hope.

Mary’s Healing RootsMary is a suicide survivor. At the age of 22 her mother found her unconscious in their home basement. Upon arrival, paramedics revived Mary from a near-death state. She fell into a coma, where she was hospitalized for over 3 weeks. This desperate act was based on Mary’s unhappy marriage, which was verbal and physically abusive, by which her husband withheld affection and replaced it with neglect.  This condition was grounded on Mary’s cultural belief system, which reinforced staying in a marriage at all costs.

These experiences have allowed Mary to look at all things through the eyes of her heart. She now looks at people’s souls rather than their outward appearance or their status. There is no room for discrimination; all are equal in terms of their intrinsic value.

Today, Mary is a Grief Resolution Specialist licensed with Edu-Therapy Canada.  She exercises her functions through SonFlower Stables, working alongside an amazing team of healing horses and practitioners who together comprise a Community of Healing.