Yesterday I had the privilege to present this cheque to Mary at SonFlower Stables – Horses Healing Human Needs. Mary is the founder of this wonderful not for profit organization that assists people struggling with mental illness in Norfolk County and surrounding areas. My intention was to give back through raising money for the community I grew up in and raise awareness for what’s out there because if one more person can find a place of healing through me being open and speaking my truth then I have done what I was put here to do. I know from personal experience the struggle and stigma attached to seeking help through organizations such as CMHA is definitely a deterrent for some & some people just aren’t able to connect and learn in that setting which is what I love so much about SonFlower!
Mary spent 3 hours showing me around the farm and teaching me what it’s all about at SonFlower. I watched her do some beautiful work…In the process, I got to make connections with some pretty great people & learn a little bit about myself as well.
I am so grateful for this journey, the people that I have been able to reach on this path of healing & the purpose I have been able to find. Everyone needs a purpose.
Slowly but surely I will get there.💝