Saving our feelings for another day…

Life gets busy and we tend to push our feelings aside. Save them for another day.

Growing up we are told to stop crying about it. To get over it as fast as it happened.

Isn’t it amazing how when we are grown-ups we are spending our time fixing our old habits and subconscious beliefs? Some of us who have been awakened to our spiritual selves are anyways.

The new you is coming to terms with your emotions. They aren’t always going to be happy-go-lucky feelings.  It’s okay to feel them when they are present. It’s okay to grieve. Let these emotions flow through you.

Acknowledge them, honour them. Even be thankful for the experience that brought you these upside-down feelings. Living means you will attract more.

You have to go on living, keep moving. You are alive. You are curating your own, sometimes messy, world.

You’ve got this! Go be you a perfectly curated messy you. ‘

Kathy Eller

Musing About The Country Side