Jackie T

Jackie T

Testimonial Letter:
Dear Mary,

Two years ago I had the good fortune to have to wait for my appointment at a local health practitioner which gave me the opportunity to browse through the magazines and the business cards displayed in the wait area.

While waiting for services is never a happy event, discovering Mary Howe’s business card and becoming connected to SonFlower Stables has truly turned out to be one of the greatest outcomes imaginable!

 I called Mary to learn more about her services for riding but discovered she offered so much more and was exactly what I’d been searching for!

I had initially been trying to find a riding stable for a young woman I knew who had recently moved away from the area which she used to take riding lessons in,  who had coincidentally been experiencing some very difficult and troubling things in her personal life. After speaking at length with Mary I had such a good feeling about introducing these two people and am so very glad I was able to.

I can honestly say that I witnessed what Mary often calls ‘the magic’ when I first went to the stable with my friend and met the horses and witnessed first- hand the tremendous connection between the young woman and one particular horse.

In the months that followed we visited as often as possible.

The growth I witnessed as Mary coached her and patiently taught her ‘grounding techniques’ was exactly what she needed. She worked with and talked to her new equine best friend and the progress was phenomenal: such an increase in her self-confidence, her ability to communicate and express herself, and her becoming more open and willing to address some of the past grief and loss issues she had been ‘stuffing down inside. Her growing ability to begin to trust others was more touching than I can describe. It quite simply brought me to tears more than once!

 Thank you SonFlower Stables! Mary Howe you are a tremendous kind-hearted compassionate gem we are lucky to have in our community!

Jackie T.