Sponsor a Horse

Sponsor a Horse

What does it mean to sponsor a horse?

Since SonFlower Stables is a not-for-profit organization, we depend on community outreach and support. By sponsoring a horse you are ensuring that our children’s programs are affordable to underprivileged families.  It also ensures that SonFlower Stables stays strong and operational and the horses get the best healthcare available.

Sponsorship Breakdown:

One time, monthly or Annually

  • Hay – $200 per horse per month
  • Lodging – $150 per horse per month
  • Grain feed, $ 75 per horse per month
  • Veterinarian – $300 per year per horse
  • Farrier – $40 per horse per month

As a sponsor, you can choose your horse from the following.  Please note, that you can also choose more than one horse to sponsor at any one time.

By appointment, you are welcomed to personally come and meet your chosen horse and have a photograph taken. This photo, with your consent, will be displayed on our website, with your name and donation, and your business or personal information.

You will also receive quarterly reports updating your horse’s physical and overall status, and about the activities/ programs your horse is engaged in.

Your company logo will be featured, free of charge on the homepage of SonFlower Stables.

To become a sponsor click here.