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Why are Horses Special

Resolution Therapies (RT) facilitate the creation of a positive mindset and enhance the formation of healthy behaviours. Humankind is losing the ability to tap into their Natural Resources. Over thinking causes confusion, opening the heart to positive emotions such as compassion, gentleness and forgiveness will lead to healthy communication and improved social skills.  The Natural Resources of the HEART are…


Why We Work Alongside Horses

Why Horses?       Because they teach us about   boundaries and mutual respect through their ability to emulate the characteristics of human behaviour.  They are not judgemental and create a safe place where trust is nurtured.  What Does an ESE DO?  This revelatory process compliments all community service workers and medical professionals by providing them with a tool by which individuals can…


Releaving Pain Through Horses

Equine Supported Environment (ESE) and Resolution Therapies (RT) are customized to meet each individual’s needs. It is especially useful in the grieving process and is unique to each individual. It is the natural human reaction to loss which can occur in many different forms. Assisting mental health care practitioners. ESE is a revelatory process which compliments all community service workers…