What is an Educational Farm?

Promoting education through practical, hands-on experience, using the farm as an outdoor classroom.

At Sunflower Farms our Vision and Dream is to spark a flame of hope within each beacon of light to cultivate the skills needed to work the land. Our Educational Farm Setting will meet each individual at their own learning pace while realizing their personal achievements on “how to grow”. There are many opportunities to work alongside an amazing team of farm animals and within our nature based garden. Offering ages 3 to 90+ a cultivated way of life.

Educational farms are agricultural farms, suitably equipped to carry out learning activities for people interested in getting back to the basics, especially students and organized groups. Farms therefore become active teaching settings, based on a learning practical skills, observation and discovery, allowing visitors to get to know the agricultural world.

Educational Farms are unexpected natural laboratories and active teaching settings that compliment traditional school. Teachers can use them for their educational purposes and they are also an opportunity to take kids and adults on a journey to discover the countryside. They will learn how food originates and the connection between agricultural products and nutrition.