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What is an Educational Farm Setting?

An educational farm setting encourages education through practical, hands-on experience(s), while working alongside the farm inhabitants on the land as an outdoor classroom.

At Sunflower Farms our Vision and Dream is to spark and/or rekindle each flame that may have been dimmed towards agricultural settings. This ignited flame will conceivably offer a desire for “HOW” to cultivate and honor the land. Our educational farm setting(s) will meet each individual participant at their own learning style and pace, while celebrating their personal growth and achievements. There are many opportunities to work in our nature-based (no pesticides) garden alongside an amazing team of farm animals, teaching ages 3 to 90+ a cultivated way of life.

Sunflower FarmOur Educational Farm Setting offers “back to the basics” farm adventures, suitably equipped to carry out learning activities that are especially fitting for homeschooled chapters and/or students working alongside other organized adventure-based groups.  The farm and the inhabitants of the land, are active teaching classrooms, encouraging individual observations, exploration and discovery along with learning practical hands-on skills.  The participants experience the unexpected within a magical realm that utilizes nature as its laboratory.   The active teaching setting compliments any traditional and/or conventional schools. Parents and/or family members may also participate in the opportunity to take children, youth, adults and or seniors on a journey to discover the countryside. They will learn how and where cultivation begins within the realm of flowers, bumble bees, butterflies, birds, and so forth alongside our incredibly gentle and kind farm animals.

The countryside of Norfolk County is like an open market place revealing how and where food originates from, thus allowing “us” to form valuable connections for honoring the land, animals and humans alike.

Mary Howe


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