Who We Are


Mary HoweMary Howe… Is what many would call “The Farmer In The Dell” …

Her passions are fulfilled and appeased when she is within her “BraveSpace” working alongside a Magical Team of Horses and farm inhabitants who her Heart refers to as The Field Healers…

Her triumphs are not focused on monetary success nor the accomplishments that may arise by achieving financial gains… but rather they lay upon her ability to listen while gaining the trust of each Field Healers purpose – their Spiritual provision supports Mary with an “intuitive knowing” as she finds comfort through a Magical source of “grounding”…

Planting a seed of Hope is the achieved goal here…. To all of those lives who venture passed the barn doors.

Over the past many years, people are asking – “Why horses” and not a dog, or cat?

Horse are fur covered mammals that walks this unearthed haven called earth – they are grounded within all rhythmical heart beats upon and underneath the Land – Horses have a Limbic region as does the human and within this area we gain a “Limbic Loop Connection” …

Mary’s reply is humble and unpretentious as she answers – “It’s simple” – my heartfelt desire is to help those with sadness upon their hearts, and or any form of loss within their grieving, or depression, and encroaching PTSD, and or those who contemplate thoughts of suicide ideation…

Mary continues to share – Horses just “Get-It”, they have an innate “Spiritual Knowing”, they see through “us”, like a looking glass…they “role play” back to us whatever behavioral emotion “we” bring into their space…. they respond and act out according to all that unearthed sentiment or behavior that maybe trapped deep within our “beings” …Horses have an instinctive understanding within this magical realm of intuitively just knowing. They offer an inward and out of body spiritual experience, such as a body language-knowing… This connection awakens One’s natural ability to tap into a deeper awareness of themselves, and all those “Whys” start to arise from the depth of Ones most inner “being” and become clearer for the first time…

“I see You, Therefore we Are….”

How did Mary get to where she is today?

Mary’s moral compass has steered her philosophies and unearthed beliefs towards a better understanding, that One “must” tap into their inner-childlike state of heart before One may proceed to heal…, like if though that all grown-up “Time Capsule” we call an adult is dug up and opened so that One may find their little Child-Like Authentic-Self once again…

Mary’s Spiritual Journey began from an early age of 5 – She was, a young vibrant vivacious child born on November 18, 1961, in a small magical old historical town called Matera, Italy…her travels were to embark upon a new adventure, a novel like mission in “Life” – she heard her parents saying in Italian, that they were on route to a new Land, that was to be, “The Land of Opportunity” ….

She has always found herself to be one as “Intune” with Nature and her surroundings…BUT never knowing that this gift of being “In-Tune” would bequest her this path to where she is today, working alongside an intrinsic Team of Field Healers.

Her experiences within the trenches of “Life” have not shattered her “Being”, rather they have become more so a collection of paved paths of “Pebble Stones” … taking her Organic Nature as One who is now “Intuitively Sensitive” to the needs of human and their kind…

Horses are Mary’s vehicle and Spiritual transportive choice; Mary’s child-Like state of heart has a “knowing”, that is a simple “knowing” – that This Majestic Creature called a Horse is the source of a force within “all knowing’s” linked to The Creator Himself…

Mary is a Suicide Survivor – magical miracles were at hand when a “Light Source” became a pivotal force giving way as it moved within her SOUL – this “Light” whispered with a metaphorical essence to take a Breath and Breathe.

Why, would Mary choose this fate at the age of 22, Her mother found her and called for help… she was pronounced clinically dead; it was the determination of a First Responder that chose “NOT TO GIVE UP” on Mary’s lifeless body as she lay in a spiritual unconscious-self; the Hope of reviving her essence was granted a second chance at Life. One may say, “A Change for Renewed Courage” became her new found mission.

Despairing Conclusions – are not a healthy way of choice – Mary was in a marriage that caused daily unhealthy verbal and emotional abusive chapters within her life… desperation and disparity supported her decision to TERMINATE Breathing, a desire to stop and cease the pain…

Our Beliefs Tragic or Foe – Mary’s ethnic background enforced a belief approach, that marriage “IS” and “WAS” to be revered at all costs, “you made your bed now sleep in it”. there are so many unearthed deceptions within all religious and traditional tactics that aren’t from heaven above…

Why suicide – what other resolution was there within her era present, past and gone…, freedom from this man seemed slim and dim – these religious traditional habitual habits caused Mary to have reason to depart… As for this man she called her husband, who was empowered each time he chose his tactics of abuse – verbal and emotional were his favorite means and methods to control… within this era of the 1980’s there was no refuge nor a Women’s Shelters or a Safe BraveSpace to go and hide…

Outside “HELP” was obsolete – no alternative measure here nor there from an abusive realm or thoughts of suicide, there was no Mental Health approach nor a healing unearthed holy place to ground and or heal… no other options of Self-Care were available to those seeking refuge from abusive relationships – and not to mention how terrified One was to talk and share “Their Story” to anyone with fear of being “Judged” and scorned with a stigma of SHAME was now to be her label of societies choice….

Grateful To All First Responders and Mental Health Spaces… A New Dawn has Risen – A New Breath at Life, that Second Chance within this renewed path, has allowed Mary to look at all organic matters through the “EYES” of her  heartfelt-experiences. She has gained ground within this realm of Mental Health and “being” to look at others souls rather than their outward appearance or the status of their life or the wealth upon their “beings”… Placing all wholesome courtesy first and foremost upon her personal needs for healing growth, while she continues to seek Coping Healing Tools of Encouraging Hope; these grounded foundations enable her to restoration from human stigma and or shame upon name calling of disparities within our culture(s) and slanted religious beliefs…this quest is also to unclothe all cloaks of Stigmatic Shame allowing Mary to never place any Judgment or scorned deeds against any living soul….

Today, Mary is certified with an association that offers Grief Resolution Specialist Licensing through Edu-Therapy Canada as she continues to embrace working alongside this amazing TEAM of Field Healers – Healing Horses whose contribution have enriched her Life and her intuitive understanding that “we” all need to Tell Our Story One to the other…. she has found her Authentic-Self-Worth – Mary has gained an understanding that Mental Wellness Is Captured Health, and all “Battles” are to be waged with spiritual warfare….

Mary Howe - founder

Sunflower Farms
Where Learning Is Cultivated,
Nestled Warmly in the Enchanted Countryside
of Norfolk County near Turkey Point, Ontario

Mary Howe
I can now take back my “Strength” as
I Forgive those Who Trespass Against Me…


Board of Directors:

Credential Supporters:
Sharon Burton: Is a Sunflower Farms supporter who is a practicing DSW/Facilitator for Alternative Learning. She works alongside the horses to compliment her clients at WDDS (Woodstock District Development Services).

Acting Volunteer – Rhonda Ferrell: Is a Justice Worker who works alongside the horses to compliment her clients. She’s from St. Leonard’s Community Services.

SONFLOWER STABLES-HORSES HEALING HUMAN NEEDS LTD. was incorporated on 19-Dec-2016 and registered at 1207 HWY NO. 3 DELHI ON N4B 2W6 Canada.

Corporation Number: 9966510
Business Number (BN): 736225723RC0001

We specialize and design personalized healing programs to reach the emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical needs of anyone desiring to heal and self-improve.

Horses are the vehicle by which healing takes place.


Some of our Local Practitioners who offer the following :

Day Retreats
Restorative Yoga
Weekend Retreats
Bereavement Retreats for Mothers

Kimberly Ryan
Kimberly Ryan is a bereaved mother. Her son Matthew died suddenly in August 2009 at the age of 27 as a result of complications from addictions. Kimberly had been involved in meditation and alternative health modalities long before the tragic loss of her son, and now uses her knowledge and wellness background to offer a place for other moms who are bereaved. Please contact Kimberly at:
Phone: (519) 909 9644
(226) 931-0084
Kim McClintock Dobias
A SonFlower Stables Practitioner who offers Aroma Therapy, Reiki and Reflexology. She also formulates essential oils, sages, for the soothing needs of human and horses.
Day Retreats
Weekend Retreats
Bereavement for Mothers
Women’s Wellness Center

Phone: (226) 931-0084

Michelle Kwasnik
In my work with individuals, couples, families and the four-legged. I bring experience from my life, my work with special needs individuals, the fitness industry as well as my roles as daughter, wife and mother. This helps to facilitate the path to wellness that is within you to emerge and flourish, making the work I do a passion that is very personal for me.
RBCST ~ Registered Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist
NLP ~ Master Practitioner Neurological Linguistic Programming
Reiki ~ Level Two
Magnified Healing
Yoga Teacher
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