Jackie T

Two years ago I had the good fortune to have to wait for my appointment at a local health practitioner which gave me the opportunity to browse through the magazines and the business cards displayed in the wait area.

While waiting for services is never a happy event, discovering Mary Howe’s business card and becoming connected to SonFlower Stables has truly turned out to be one of the greatest outcomes imaginable!

I called Mary to learn more about her services for riding but discovered she offered so much more and was exactly what I’d been searching for!

Rhonda Ferrell

Testimonial Letter:
Dear Mary,

I want to thank you for all that you do at Sonflower Stables.  As a professional working with clients with varying degrees of mental health and developmental disabilities, I am in awe of the breakthroughs that I have been fortunate enough to witness at your facility.  Every client and co-worker that has had the opportunity to utilize the Equine Therapy sessions with you have been dramatically impacted in the most astounding ways.

Personally, I would like to share with you the impact that I witnessed in a couple of my clients. My co-workers have shared similar experiences with me but I will touch on my own for now.

Sharon Burton

Testimonial Letter:
Dear Mary,

I am writing to you today to express my sincere gratitude in regards to our connecting through the young man I support and have had the privilege to walk with on his life journey.

From our first emails and phone calls I knew I had found an utterly unique professional who understood the complexities of multiple diagnosis’s such as the young man I currently support. You did not hesitate to invite us to come to visit and meet with you to see if there was a connection.

Keelyn and Tammy

Testimonial Letter:
Dear Mary 💖,

Keelyn and I just want to tell you how very much we appreciate what you and your amazing team of incredibly beautiful horses have done for us.

When we arrived at the stables for the first time in the early spring, we were both trying to find our way back to a happy, healthy relationship as Mother and Daughter.

Keelyn had unfortunately lost herself over the last couple of years, when trying as she might to fit in and find her place in this big scary world. Unfortunately this took her down the wrong path and she lost her true beautiful self.

 After several difficult life lessons she decided that it was time for some deep soul searching to rediscover who she truly was. This lead to finding you and your team, through talking with other people who have also been on similar journeys.

You described to us that what happens at the stables as "magic" and at our last visit you asked me how I would describe what happens there and that is the exact word that I used....it is truly "magic"

Through our sessions with you and the horses, we have rebuilt our relationship as strong as ever and Keelyn is definetly back to her loving, caring, confident beautiful self.

Thank you again Mary for all of your time spent with us and teaching us the tools we needed to get where we are today.

Sincerely, Keelyn and Tammy🌻

Simone Medeiros

Testimonial Letter:

Simone Medeiros 

Teacher at Assumption College School- Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board 


It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Sonflower Stables. This past November, I had the opportunity to bring my special education class to Sonflower Stables for a class trip.

 Mary Howe and her wonderful crew organized an interactive workshop which brought together the majestic and gentle spirit of the horses with the open hearts of my students.

 The entire experience was moving from beginning to end. My students were encouraged to try things that they have never experienced before, such as; grooming, reading to horses, creating an obstacle course, learning how to properly interact with horses, participating in literacy activities and meditation.

 I was able to see firsthand, students who, at times, are reluctant learners,demonstrating an eagerness and excitement for learning!

 I can attest to this as some of students were moved to tears that day as they were so filled with joy and emotion.

 My students were overwhelmed with happiness and continue to express their desire to return to Sonflower Stables.

 The adults that worked with the horses were kind and very accommodating. This is an experience I would recommend to any educator without hesitation.

 I sincerely believe my students came away with a heightened sensitivity to the genuine nature of these animals and ultimately have increased their overall ability to empathize with others. Thank you for such a beautiful day.